CH4 Systems is a construction company that responds to the needs of our clients for the execution of their project. We offer comprehensive solutions in: civil, mechanical, electrical, processes and instrumentation, as well as in the Oil and Gas service sector. We are specialists in turnkey projects. We prepare offers, budgets and specific solutions that will meet delivery deadlines and budgets, through planning, supervision and management of related aspect in compliance with the applicable legal safety regulations, work health standards, environment and contractual conditions.


Our clients get a project at the agreed price and time, this way dedicating less effort, time and resources by no having to coordinate numerous agents that intervene.

Project Management

We have the capacity to manage work of medium and large magnitude. Our team of professional is responsible for organize and manage the resources, in such way that a given project must be completely done within the agreed scope of restrictions, time and costs. Our philosophy is to offer comprehensive solutions to our clients, by contributing innovative ideas for the development and elaboration of their projects, from the preliminary stage through the desired results.


CH4 Systems is aware that every business is unique, therefore we have a balance between experience and competition, which we apply in every of our lines of business. We follow up throughout the life of the project. Once implemented, we have the responsibility of the initial setup and the correct start-up of the installation and/or the equipment supplied, guaranteeing the proper functioning along the beginning of the operation under our guidance and supervision. In addition, we offer international and reliable technical support to ensure the compliances with the manufacturers standards.