We have trained professionals experts in maintenance, that will meet these requirements, giving our clients continuous support during the operation of their industrial plants, by reducing costs and maintaining the value of their investments. We provide reliability on the equipment to reduce forced interruptions, with personalized long-term maintenance schedules (Preventive / Corrective / Overhaul).

Scheduled Maintenance Contracts

At CH4 Systems we have a multidisciplinary group of professionals and advisers with extensive knowledge and experience in the scheduled maintenance contracts, which are involved from the beginning of the early stages of design to the execution of the project. We have as policy to maintain an open-book management model with our clients to provide a full and comprehensive service that covers every aspect and stages to develop, including agreed budget and schedule. We are responsible for processing the required permits, contracts, inspections and licenses.

Parts Manufacturing and Rectification

At CH4 Systems we offer services in parts manufacturing, machining and rectification as solutions to the constant wear and deformation that the components of the main rotary equipment suffers due to the friction and heat to which it is exposed. We guarantee products of excellent quality and a professional finish that comes from sophisticated stages of manufacturing, turning and milling. We have raw material of proven quality that are resistant to wear and that meets the measurements and tolerance required from the customer.