CH4 Systems offers efficient solutions in various area on the industry, guiding our efforts to give support to our clients in the development and maintenance of: petroleum production facilities, compression, gas processing, pipelines, storage tanks and field operations, increasing the efficiency of the process by using technology less polluting to the environment. We specialize in project execution oriented to the processes of upstream, midstream and downstream.

Upstream solutions

Driven by the need of increasing the efficiency in exploration and production (E&P) processes, we are entering to a new era, driven by technological improvements. CH4 Systems connects all the resources to optimize the task of search for potentials oil and gas deposits, as well as the drilling of exploratory wells and producers.

Midstream solutions

Discover how our services offer innovative solutions tailored to our clients during the transport, storage and marketing of crude or refined products, derivatives of oil and gas, helping to make the most of the critical equipment and infrastructure during it lifecycle. Our transparent and flexible approach will help to control the expenses and to operate with the maximum performance, now and in the future.

Downstream solutions

CH4 Systems gets the most out of the Oil and Gas projects with solutions that maximize profitability in the tasks of crude oil refinement, processing and purification of natural gas, as well as the marketing and distribution of derivative products. We provide proactive guidelines based on the experience of a global leading company.


Our consulting service will analyze your specific fuel needs, as well as industry requirements and operative structure. We will develop a totally personalized plan, with a rigorous audit of your energy supply needs. If natural gas is suitable, we will provide support through the transition from beginning to end.